There is largely a chicken-or-the-egg quagmire with alternative transportation infrastructure projects such as these, as it is difficult to raise money without engineering work done, but money must be raised in order to conduct engineering. A local civil engineering firm has made a generously priced offer to our organization and is standing by with staff ready to start putting together a corridor study for us.

The sooner we accomplish this, the sooner we can advance the project, bolster federal funding opportunities (of which there could be a major influx in the immediate future), and communicate the value of this initiative to the region.

We are seeking to raise a total of $18,750 as soon as possible to muster the cost of this corridor study ($13,500) as well as identified expenses in order to establish and communicate our organization ($5,250). Now that we are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, the donations of you and your friends to this important cause is tax deductible!

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The Need

Safe access to alternative transportation infrastructure is not just a “want”. To thousands in the Souhegan Valley, it is a vital need.

The Benefits

Alternative transportation provides unique enhancements for the local economy, increasing property values, improving health & fitness, and much more.

The Route

Finding the most suitable place to start is essential to the successful formation of a broad, usable network for Alternative Transportation.

The Concept

We have worked hard to consider many of the designs, details, and decisions that can help make this vision become a reality.